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Custom Many Cats Pillow

Important info about the Custom Many Cats Pillow: 

With so much interest in the Many Cats Pillow, I've opened a waitlist to keep track of those interested in ordering. 

Please note, this is for a CUSTOM cat pillow. This means I can crochet portraits of your beloved cats to include on the pillow, you can choose your own colors, and other details. 

If you are interested in a Many Cats pillow that is not custom, please check back on my social channels and website. I plan to list several non-custom pillows periodically. 

The cost for a custom pillow is $250 per pillow plus shipping.

For the time being, all pillows will be constructed with white yarn for their back panels & square borders.


How the waitlist works: 


When you sign up for the waitlist, you are signing up for your spot in line for a custom Many Cats Pillow.


As I have availability, I will contact the next consecutive person on the waitlist via email to confirm your interest, discuss pillow details, set a timeline, and provide payment instructions. 

If I do not receive an email response within 5 days, I will move on to the next person on the list

Signing up for the waitlist is not a guarantee of a pillow. I make as many pillows as I have time and resources for, but cannot promise to accommodate all who are interested.

Please note, the information you provide me for the waitlist is private and will not be shared. 


Join the Many Cats Pillow Waitlist!
What colors do you want to see included in the background of the cat squares? Please check ALL that apply.
Please choose the type of eyes you prefer:
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