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Hello and welcome to PipStitchCo! My name is Mallory and I am the crochet artist who creates everything that you find on this site. I first started to crochet back in the early 2010's, but really became dedicated to the craft in 2020 when going through some major life changes. One of the changes that sparked my creativity was the health crisis that my rescue dog, Pippa, suffered that year. Multiple surgeries, ER visits, and medical mysteries were stressful for both Pippa and me; and I was in need of an outlet to express myself. As someone who is prone to fixating on projects, crochet became a great solution to my problems. Since my interest in crochet grew because of Pippa (and I love her more than anything), it only seemed fitting to name my small business after her. 

What started as a project to relieve stress and distract my mind eventually evolved into a desire to learn more and test my skills. I branched out into creating amigurumi, clothing accessories, and home decor. Now, in 2024, I continue to look for new and exciting projects to take on! When I am not crocheting, you can find me working for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, living the #VanLife with my partner and Pippa, and playing Animal Crossing or The Sims. Please take a look around my site and let me know if you have any questions. I am happy you're here! 

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